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玉苒廈摘錄50. 《玉苒廈之書》簡介基金會版本(2) 8-11-2019

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註冊時間: 2017-05-23
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發表發表於: 星期四 八月 15, 2019 2:09 pm    文章主題: 玉苒廈摘錄50. 《玉苒廈之書》簡介基金會版本(2) 8-11-2019 引言回覆

玉苒廈摘錄50. 《玉苒廈之書》簡介基金會版本(2) 8-11-2019

51. Part III: The History of Urantia
51. 第三部分:玉苒廈的歷史

52. Part III depicts the history of life on Earth since its origin more than four and one-half billion years ago. It traces the lineage of humanity from the first two human beings nearly 993,500 years ago, through the triumphs and tragedies of Adam and Eve, and continues with stories of Abraham, Moses, and other heroes of planetary history.
52. 三部分描繪了地球在超過四十五億年前起源以來生命的歷史。它從近99,3500年前最初兩個人類追溯了人類的血統,歷經亞當和夏娃的成功和悲劇,並續以亞伯拉罕、摩西和行星歷史中其他英雄的故事。

53. Beyond plotting our physical evolution, this section also describes the development of civilization, industry, government, religion, and family life. The records of human tribulation and progress indicate that we are indeed moving toward a better world.
53. 除了描繪我們的物理進化以外,這一部分還描述了文明、產業、政府、宗教和家庭生活的發展。人類苦難和進步的記錄表明,我們的確正在走向一個更好的世界。

54. Part III presents:
54. 第三部分會呈獻:

55. 1. A scientific explanation of the origin of our solar system and our world
55. 1. 對我們太陽系和我們世界起源的科學解釋

56. 2. The stages of a divinely guided evolutionary process
56. 2. 受神性引導之進化過程的各個階段

57. 3. How and why human life evolved on Earth
57. 3. 人類生命何以在地球上進化

58. 4. The rise and fall of ancient Civilizations
58. 4. 古代文明的興衰

59. 5. The bleak years of the Lucifer rebellion
59. 5. 路西法反叛的暗淡歲月

60. 6. The evolution of government and the path to world peace
60. 6. 政府的演變與世界和平之路

61. 7. How an indwelling Spirit of God works to ensure your eternal survival
61. 7. 內駐的神之靈如何運作以確保你的永恆續存

62. 8. How to pray and worship more effectively
62. 8. 如何更有效地祈禱和崇拜

63. “The second Eden was the cradle of Civilization for almost thirty thousand years.
Here in Mesopotamia the Adamite peoples held forth, sending out their progeny to the ends of the earth. . . . From this region went those men and women who initiated the doings of historic times, and who have so enormously accelerated cultural progress on Urantia.”
63. “第二伊甸園是近三萬年來文明的搖籃。亞當族人固守在美索不達米亞這裡,把他們的後裔派送到天涯海角……,從這個地區出發的那些男男女女,開創了各個歷史時代的活動,極大加速了玉苒廈的文化進步”(78:0.1)

64. Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus
64. 第四部分:耶穌的生平和教導

65. Part IV is an inspiring biography of the life of Jesus. His birth, childhood, and young adulthood are described year by year, including his family life, travels, and occupations before beginning his career of ministry. This presentation of Jesus stands unique, packed with new information and fresh insights. You will gain a great admiration and understanding of his life and teachings.
65. 第四部分是一部鼓舞人心的耶穌生平傳記。他的誕生、童年和成年早期逐年加以描述,包括他開始侍奉生涯之前的家庭生活、旅行和職業。這一對耶穌的陳述獨一無二,富含新的資訊和新的洞見。你將對他的生平和教導獲得極大欽佩和理解。

66. Jesus was a strong and courageous man. His sincerity, warmth, good cheer, love of people, and devotion to truth are an inspiration for all ages. Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to coordinate human endeavors. He unifies life, ennobles character, and simplifies experience.
66. 耶穌是一個堅強而勇敢的人。他的真摯、熱忱、勇氣,鼓舞、對人類的愛,以及他的忠於真理,在任何時代中都具有極大的啟迪。耶穌是一個完美統一的人類人格體。如今,他如同在加利利一樣,繼續令凡人經驗得成一體,繼續協調諸多人類努力。 他令生命得成一體,令品格得以高貴,令經驗得以簡化。

67. He enters the human mind to elevate, transform, and transfigure it. It is literally true: If any man has Christ Jesus within him, he is a new creature; old things are passing away; behold all things are becoming new. (100:7.18)
67. 他會進入人類心智去提升、轉化和美化它。以下這句話是千真萬確的:“若有人讓耶穌基督入他心中,他就是一個新造之人;舊事正在逝去;看那,一切都將煥然一新。”(100:7.18)。

68. Highlights of Part IV include:
68. 第四部分的重點包括:

69. 1. The missing years of Jesus' life
69. 1. 耶穌生活的失蹤歲月

70. 2. The premature death of Jesus' father
70. 2. 耶穌父親的早逝

71. 3. Jesus helping to raise his seven brothers and sisters
71. 3. 耶穌幫助養育他的七個弟弟妹妹

72. 4. Rebecca's proposal of marriage
72. 4. 麗貝卡(利百加)的求婚

73. 5. Jesus' work as a carpenter, boat builder, scribe, teacher, and caravan conductor
73. 5. 耶穌作為木匠、造船者、文士、教師和商隊嚮導的工作

74. 6. His journeys to Egypt, Rome, and the Caspian Sea
74. 6. 他往埃及、羅馬以及裡海的旅行

75. 7. His life with the apostles
75. 7. 他和使徒們一起的生活

76. 8. Events leading up to the crucifixion
76. 8. 被釘上十字架之前的事件

77. 9. Jesus' resurrection and appearances
77. 9. 耶穌的復活與露面

78. 10. The power of the Spirit of Truth
78. 10. 真理之靈的力量

79. 11. The Search for Truth
79. 11. 對真理的追尋

80. Every religion contains truth in its teachings and can facilitate the individual's quest for God. Yet no religion, book, or age has all the truth or a monopoly on any part of it. “It is a fallacy for any group of religionists to conceive of their creed as The Truth; such attitudes bespeak more of theological arrogance than of certainty of faith. There is not a Urantia religion that could not profitably study and assimilate the best of the truths contained in every other faith, for all contain truth.” 92:7.3
80. 每一種宗教在其教導中都蘊含真理,並能幫助個人對神的探求。然而,沒有任何一個宗教,一本書,或一個時代能擁有所有真理,或壟斷它的任何一部分。 “對任一群體的篤信宗教者而言,將其信條設想為真理都是一種謬誤;這種態度更多表明了神學上的傲慢,而非是信仰的確定性。任何一種玉苒廈宗教,都可有利研究和吸收其他信仰中所含真理之精要,因為所有宗教都包含真理。” (92:7.3)

81. Seven Truths from The Urantia Book
81. 來自《玉苒廈之書》的七大真理

82. We are not alone. “Your planet is a member of an enormous cosmos; you belong to a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, but your sphere is just as precisely administered and
just as lovingly fostered as if it were the only inhabited world in all existence.” (15:14.9)
82. 我們並不孤單。 「你們的行星是一個巨大宇宙體系的一個成員;你們屬於一個由無數世界所形成的幾乎無限之家庭,但你們的天體在被如此精確的管理著,如此鍾愛的撫育著,就如同它是一切存在中唯一有人居住的世界一樣。」(15:14.9)

83. God is a personal being
83. 神是人格性的存在

84. “God is a transcendent reality. . . . He is a saving person and a loving Father to all who enjoy spiritual peace on earth, and who crave to experience personality survival in death.” (1:2.2)
84. 「神是一種超越性的實相……對於一切在世上享有靈性安寧、渴求在死後經歷人格續存的人來說,他是一位拯救者,一位慈父。」 (1:2.2)

85. The afterlife is real
85. 來世是真實的

86. “Death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery.” 14:5.10
86. 「死亡只是一個無盡冒險生涯之開始,一個充滿預期的永存生命之開始,一個充滿發現的永恆航行之開始。」(14:5.10)

87. Faith is the only requirement for eternal life. Said Jesus, “My Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of faith.” 155:6.17
87. 信仰是永生的唯一要求。耶穌說,「我的父親永遠會對最微弱的信仰之光做出回應。」(155:6.17)

88. A fragment of God lives within each of us "There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God." 133:3.7
88. 神的一個片段存在於我們每個人的心中。 「每個人心中都活著一個神性之靈,天上之父的禮物。這一良善之靈不斷努力將我們引向神,幫助我們找到神並知曉神。」(133:3.7)

89. Jesus reveals God
89. 耶穌啟示神

90. “Jesus is the spiritual lens in human likeness which makes visible to the material creature Him who is invisible.” 169:4.13
90. 「耶穌是存在於人類之形當中的靈性透鏡,它令不可見的神變得對物質受造物可見。」(169:4.13)

91. Love is real and powerful
91. 愛是真實而強大的

92. Jesus said, "Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world.
Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of true and the beautiful." 192:2.1
92. 耶穌說:「奉獻你的一生去證明愛是世界上最偉大的東西。愛是所有靈性良善之始祖,是真與美之本質。」(192:2.1)

93. What readers say about The Urantia Book
93. 讀者對《玉苒廈之書》有什麼看法

94. “I became a hospice volunteer as a result of the book’s emphasis on unselfish service.
I cannot imagine doing this kind of work if I did not have the knowledge in this book as a guide. It is so reassuring to my patients when I tell them that there is life after death and what a beautiful experience it will be.”
~ Texas, United States
94. 「由於這本書強調無私服務的緣由,我成為了臨終關懷志願者。

95. "I was always interested in anything that offered 'answers‘ to the eternal questions and I got through a lot of books, only to reject what I was reading because it did not ring true.
But that 'quest' eventually led me to The Urantia Book. I sometimes think at the end of every spiritual quest, The Urantia Book is waiting there for anyone who perseveres that far."
~ Belfast, Northern Ireland
95. 「我總是對任何能為永恆問題提供‘答案’的東西感興趣,我讀了很多書,卻拒絕了我在讀的東西,因為它聽起來不是真的。

96. "After a lifetime of searching, my soul leapt with joy at the discovery of the truth and knowledge presented within these pages, and I will forever walk with God with the help of his loving servants and The Urantia Book."
~ Calgary, Canada
96. 「經過一生的探索,我的靈魂因發現了這書中所呈現的真理和知識而欣喜若狂,我將永遠在神慈愛的僕人和《玉苒廈之書》的幫助下與神同行。」

97. "After reading The Urantia Book my life gained a grand new meaning.
There was now nothing to fear and everything to look forward to. If there is only one book you ever read, let it be this fifth epochal revelation."
~ Aylesbury, England
97. 「讀了《玉苒廈之書》後,我的人生獲得了嶄新的意義。
現在沒有什麼可害怕的,一切都可期待。如果你唯讀過一本書, 那就讓這本第五紀元啟示成為這本書吧。」

98. "When I found The Urantia Book, my life was at a crossroads; religion, science, philosophy, and all the new age literature could not fill the emptiness that was growing inside of me. My prayers were answered."
~ Quebec, Canada
98. 「當我找到《玉苒廈之書》時,我的人生正處於十字路口;宗教、科學、哲學和所有新時代的文學都無法填補我內心日益增長的空虛。我的祈禱得到了回復。」

99.“For more than 25 years I have searched through Eastern and Western religions and philosophies until I found The Urantia Book, which synthesizes them all.”
~ Marbella, Spain
99. 「25年多來,我一直在搜尋東西方宗教和哲學,直到我發現了《玉苒廈之書》,它綜合了它們全部。」

100. "The Urantia Book allows for a critical, in—depth exploration into the wonder and qualities of God, revealing aspects and dimensions of meaning I had not even imagined. It is by far the best, most informative book I have ever read concerning who we are and why we are."
~ Saskatoon, Canada
100. 「《玉苒廈之書》允許對神的奇跡和品質進行鑒定性的、深入的探索,揭示了我從未想像過的各方面維度的意義。這是迄今為止我讀過的關於我們是誰和我們何以如是最好、最有信息量的書。」

101. "Thank you, God! My questions have disappeared. I have been completely satisfied by the logic of its contents. Yes, it was difficult to read the first time, but it was so thrilling! This book is for seekers, and is quite simply a gift from Heaven."
~ Toronto, Canada
101. 「感謝您,神!我的問題消失了。我對其內容的邏輯性完全滿意。是的,第一次閱讀很難,但它太令人激動了!這本書是給尋求者的,簡直就是來自天堂的禮物。」
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