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玉苒廈摘錄60. Paper 19 協同性三一來源存有(2) 11-24-2019

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發表發表於: 星期一 十一月 25, 2019 6:28 pm    文章主題: 玉苒廈摘錄60. Paper 19 協同性三一來源存有(2) 11-24-2019 引言回覆

玉苒廈摘錄60. Paper 19 協同性三一來源存有(2) 11-24-2019
Paper 19 The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings

19-6. 哈沃納原住民

19:6.1 (221.3) The Havona natives are the direct creation of the Paradise Trinity, and their number is beyond the concept of your circumscribed minds. Neither is it possible for Urantians to conceive of the inherent endowments of such divinely perfect creatures as these Trinity-origin races of the eternal universe. You can never truly envisage these glorious creatures; you must await your arrival in Havona, when you can greet them as spirit comrades.

19:6.1 哈沃納原住民是天堂三位一體的直接創造物,他們的數量超出你們受限心智的概念以外。玉苒廈人也無法設想像這些具有三一來源的永恆宇宙族類這樣的神性完美受造物所擁有的內在稟賦。你們永遠無法真正想像這些榮耀的受造物;你們必須要等到你們抵達哈沃納,那時才能以靈性夥伴的身份問候他們。


19:6.2 (221.4) During your long sojourn on the billion worlds of Havona culture you will develop an eternal friendship for these superb beings. And how deep is that friendship which grows up between the lowest personal creature from the worlds of space and these high personal beings native to the perfect spheres of the central universe! Ascending mortals, in their long and loving association with the Havona natives, do much to compensate for the spiritual impoverishment of the earlier stages of mortal progression. At the same time, through their contacts with ascending pilgrims, the Havoners gain an experience which to no small extent overcomes the experiential handicap of having always lived a life of divine perfection. The good to both ascending mortal and Havona native is great and mutual.

19:6.2 在你們在十億哈沃納教化世界長期逗留期間,你們將與這些傑出的存有們發展出一種永恆的友誼。來自空間世界最低等的人格體受造物,與這些源自中央宇宙完美星球的高等人格體存有之間所滋生的那種友誼是多麼地深厚!揚升的凡人們,在與哈沃納原住民長期友愛的合作中大有作為,藉以彌補很多人類進展早期各階段靈性上的不足。與此同時,哈沃納居民則通過與揚升朝聖者的接觸,獲得一種經驗,這種經驗在很大程度上克服了他們因一直過神聖完美生活所導致的經驗上的缺陷。揚升凡人與哈沃納原住民雙方從中所得的收益,既是巨大的,也是相互的。


19:6.3 (221.5) Havona natives, like all other Trinity-origin personalities, are projected in divine perfection, and as with other Trinity-origin personalities, the passing of time may add to their stores of experiential endowments. But unlike the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, Havoners may evolve in status, may have an unrevealed future eternity-destiny. This is illustrated by those Havoners who service-factualize capacity for fusion with a non-Adjuster Father fragment and so qualify for membership in the Mortal Corps of the Finality. And there are other finaliter corps open to these natives of the central universe.

19:6.3 哈沃納原住民,與所有其他源自三位一體的人格體一樣,都是以神性完美之方式設計出來的,和其他三一來源的人格體一樣,時間的流逝可增加他們經驗性稟賦的儲備。但與三位一體常備之子不同,哈沃納居民在身份進化上,可能有一個未揭示的未來永恆-天命。這可以通過那樣一些哈沃納居民來闡明,他們通過服務而實現與非調整者型上父片段相融合的能力,從而取得進入凡人終局性團隊的資格。還有其他的終局者團隊向中央宇宙的原住民開放。


19:6.4 (221.6) The status evolution of Havona natives has occasioned much speculation on Uversa. Since they are constantly filtering into the several Paradise Corps of the Finality, and since no more are being created, it is apparent that the number of natives remaining in Havona is constantly diminishing. The ultimate consequences of these transactions have never been revealed to us, but we do not believe that Havona will ever be entirely depleted of its natives. We have entertained the theory that Havoners will possibly cease entering the finaliter corps sometime during the ages of the successive creations of the outer space levels. We have also entertained the thought that in these subsequent universe ages the central universe may be peopled by a mixed group of resident beings, a citizenship consisting only in part of the original Havona natives. We do not know what order or type of creature may be thus destined to residential status in the future Havona, but we have thought of:

19:6.4 哈沃納原住民們的身份演變在尤沃薩上引起許多猜測。由於他們不斷流向幾個天堂終局者團隊,並且由於不再有更多被繼續創造出來,因此顯而易見,停留在哈沃納的原住民數目持續減少。這些相互作用的終極結果從未向我們透露過,但我們不認為哈沃納最終會完全耗盡它所有的原住民。我們秉持著這一理論:即在各外部空間層的後續造物期間,從某個時刻起,哈沃納居民有可能停止進入終局者團隊。我們也抱持這種想法,即在這些後繼的宇宙時代中,中央宇宙或可由一群混合類別的常駐者所住滿,其公民身份只部分包含著原初的哈沃納原住民。我們並不知道,什麼類別或類型的受造物會註定在未來哈沃納擁有常駐身份,但我們推想有這樣一些:


19:6.5 (222.1) 1. The univitatia, who are at present the permanent citizens of the local universe constellations.
19:6.5 1. 尤尼維塔莎(univitatia),他們現在是地方宇宙各星座的永久公民。

19:6.6 (222.2) 2. Future types of mortals who may be born on the inhabited spheres of the superuniverses in the flowering of the ages of light and life.
19:6.6 2. 未來類型的凡人,他們可能在各光與生命時代的各個繁榮盛世,出生在各超級宇宙的居住性天體上。

19:6.7 (222.3) 3. The incoming spiritual aristocracy of the successive outer universes.
19:6.7 3. 外部各宇宙後繼而至的靈性菁英。


外部宇宙outer universes.是指在七個超級宇宙以外四個外部空間層尚未被創造的宇宙。


19:6.8 (222.4) We know that the Havona of the previous universe age was somewhat different from the Havona of the present age. We deem it no more than reasonable to assume that we are now witnessing those slow changes in the central universe that are anticipatory of the ages to come. One thing is certain: The universe is nonstatic; only God is changeless.



19:7.1 (222.5) There are resident on Paradise numerous groups of superb beings, the Paradise Citizens. They are not directly concerned with the scheme of perfecting ascending will creatures and are not, therefore, fully revealed to Urantia mortals. There are more than three thousand orders of these supernal intelligences, the last group having been personalized simultaneously with the mandate of the Trinity which promulgated the creative plan of the seven superuniverses of time and space.

19:7.1 天堂居住著眾多類別的優秀存有,他們是天堂公民。他們與揚升意志受造物的完美化計畫沒有直接關係,因此,也不會被充分地啟示給玉苒廈的凡人。這些非凡的智慧存有有三千多種類別,在最後一類存有人格化之同時,三位一體頒佈了有關七個時空超級宇宙創造計畫的指令。

天堂公民不在揚升計畫中。因為他們天生就是優秀、完美的。難怪他們不理解揚升的凡人正因被賦予自由意志,而要在諸多誘惑中,從善惡兩極中做選擇,並從中磨練其實是很辛苦的。但我相信意志受造物一旦完成揚升之旅,將不同於不知民間疾苦的天堂公民。Suzanne 曾更我說:「其實天使們非常羡慕揚升凡人具有自由意志之選擇的經驗。」果真如此的話,我們在受苦時如果能接受是我們自由意志的選擇,以及其中的神聖計畫,或許是可以讓我們的心獲得些許安寧。

19:7.4 (222.8 ) Trinity-origin beings possess prerogatives of transit which make them independent of transport personalities, such as seraphim. We all possess the power of moving about freely and quickly in the universe of universes. Excepting the Inspired Trinity Spirits, we cannot attain the almost unbelievable velocity of the Solitary Messengers, but we are able so to utilize the sum total of the transport facilities in space that we can reach any point in a superuniverse, from its headquarters, in less than one year of Urantia time. It required 109 days of your time for me to journey from Uversa to Urantia.

19:7.4 三位一體來源的存有們擁有通行特權,這使他們無須依賴于像熾天使這類的運送人格體。我們都擁有在眾多宇宙所組成宇宙中自由快速穿行的能力。除了激發性三一之靈外,我們都無法達到單獨使者那種幾乎難以置信的速度,但我們能充分運用空間的一切運送設施,能夠在不到一年的玉苒廈時間內,從某個超級宇宙的總部出發,到達那超級宇宙中的任何一處。對於我來說,從尤沃薩旅行到玉苒廈,需要你們109天的時間。




19:7.6 (222.10) [Presented by a Divine Counselor of Uversa.]
19:7-6 [由一位尤沃薩的神性顧問所呈獻。]


今天這篇 P-19 給我非常深的感受,是的,我們如果能紮實臣服於「一切都是神聖完美的計畫」,一切會省時省力,也是一條捷徑,最直接簡單的道路!







Vicki 老師是我進入光的課程的引導者,大天使!感恩!


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