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玉苒廈摘錄73. P28 超級宇宙的侍奉之靈(2) 6-28-2020

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發表發表於: 星期二 六月 30, 2020 5:34 pm    文章主題: 玉苒廈摘錄73. P28 超級宇宙的侍奉之靈(2) 6-28-2020 引言回覆

玉苒廈摘錄73. P28 超級宇宙的侍奉之靈(2) 6-28-2020

28:5.20 (313.2) The Discerners of Spirits carry on these intricate services by virtue of inherent “spiritual insight,” if I may use such words in an endeavor to convey to the human mind the thought that these reflective angels thus function intuitively, inherently, and unerringly. When the Universal Censors behold these presentations, they are face to face with the naked soul of the reflected individual; and this very certainty and perfection of portraiture in part explains why the Censors can always function so justly as righteous judges. The discerners always accompany the Censors on any mission away from Uversa, and they are just as effective out in the universes as at their Uversa headquarters.

28:5.20 屬靈之識們是憑藉其固有的“靈性洞察力”來實施這些錯綜複雜服務的,如果我可以用這樣的話語來努力向人類心智傳達思想,那麼這些反思射天使們,正是憑藉這種洞察力,直觀自然而且準確無誤地運作。當萬有之監察者們看到這些展示,他們便會直面被反射個體的赤裸靈魂;正是這種生動描繪所帶來的確定性和完美性,部分說明了為何萬有之監察者們總是能夠作為如此正義的法官而公正地運作。屬靈之識們總是伴隨萬有之監察者去執行尤沃薩以外的使命,她們在外部宇宙中就像她們在尤沃薩總部一樣高效。


28:5.21 I assure you that all these transactions of the spirit world are real, that they take place in accordance with established usages and in harmony with the immutable laws of the universal domains. The beings of every newly created order, immediately upon receiving the breath of life, are instantly reflected on high; a living portrayal of the creature nature and potential is flashed to the superuniverse headquarters. Thus, by means of the discerners, are the Censors made fully cognizant of exactly “what manner of spirit” has been born on the worlds of space.

28:5.21 我向你們保證,所有這些有關屬靈世界的事務都是真實的,它們是依照既定慣例而發生、並與宇宙各域之不變法則相一致。每一類新創造出來的存有們,在接收生命之氣息的那一刻,便即時被反射到高處;對該類受造物本性和潛勢的鮮活描繪,將立即被反射到這一超級宇宙的總部。這樣,借助於屬靈之識,監察者們便得以充分地確知“什麽樣的靈”在空間世界誕生了。


28:6-2 1. The Significance of Origins. The ascendant Trinitized Sons of a superuniverse government are charged with the responsibility of dealing with all issues growing out of the origin of any individual, race, or world; and the significance of origin is the paramount question in all our plans for the cosmic advancement of the living creatures of the realm. All relationships and the application of ethics grow out of the fundamental facts of origin. Origin is the basis of the relational reaction of the Gods. Always does the Conjoint Actor “take note of the man, in what manner he was born.”

28:6.2 1. 來源之義。一個超級宇宙管理機構中的三一化揚升之子,承擔處理與任何個體、種族或世界之來源相關所有事務的責任;在我們為域內鮮活受造物所提供的所有宇宙提升計畫中,來源之意義是至關重要的問題。所有的關係和倫理的應用都是出自於來源這些基本事實。來源是諸神相關反應的基礎。共同行動者總是 “留意著人類,留意他是以什麼方式誕生的。”


接下來啟示者介紹一類稱之為仁慈之載(The Memory of Mercy)的天使群。仁慈之載揭示了享受仁慈之子民的道德債務—即各種靈性義務—,根據神之子們所建立的信貸記在他們的資產上。為了揭示上父先存性的仁慈,神之眾子們設立了必要的信用,以確保所有子民的續存。然後,依照來源之義的發現,為每一個合理的受造物設立一個仁慈的信貸,一個有著充裕比值以及充足恩典的信貸,足以確保每個真正渴望神性公民身份的靈魂得以續存。

28:6.4 (314.3) The Significances of Origins are the living ready-reference genealogies of the vast hosts of beings—men, angels, and others—who inhabit the seven superuniverses. They are always ready to supply their superiors with an up-to-date, replete, and trustworthy estimate of the ancestral factors and the current actual status of any individual on any world of their respective superuniverses; and their computation of possessed facts is always up to the minute.

28:6.4 來源之義是有關大群存有 -- 即居住在七個超級宇宙中的人類、天使和其他存有的鮮活易查性家譜。她們隨時可向他們的上級提供關於其各自超級宇宙中任一世界任一個體之祖先要因及現時狀況的一種最新且充實可靠的評估;她們對於所擁事實的計算方法也是最新的。


28:6.5 2. The Memory of Mercy. These are the actual, full and replete, living records of the mercy which has been extended to individuals and races by the tender ministrations of the instrumentalities of the Infinite Spirit in the mission of adapting the justice of righteousness to the status of the realms, as disclosed by the portrayals of the Significance of Origins. The Memory of Mercy discloses the moral debt of the children of mercy—their spiritual liabilities—to be set down against their assets of the saving provision established by the Sons of God. In revealing the Father’s pre-existent mercy, the Sons of God establish the necessary credit to insure the survival of all. And then, in accordance with the findings of the Significance of Origins, a mercy credit is established for the survival of each rational creature, a credit of lavish proportions and one of sufficient grace to insure the survival of every soul who really desires divine citizenship.

28:6.5 2. 仁慈之載。這是一些關於仁慈之實際而完備的鮮活記錄,它是由無限之靈所屬機構在令公平正義與各域之狀況相適應的使命中,通過細緻的照料而推展到眾多個體與種族身上的,如同來源之義的描繪中所揭示的一樣。仁慈之載揭示了享受仁慈之子民的道德債務——即各種靈性義務——它們被設下以抵償神之眾子為其設立的儲蓄帳號中的資產。為了揭示上父先存性的仁慈,神之眾子們設立了必要的信貸,以確保所有子民的續存。然後,依照來源之義的發現,為每一個理性的受造物設立一個仁慈的信貸,一個有著充裕比值以及充足恩典的信貸,足以確保每個真正渴望神性公民身份的靈魂得以續存。

28:6.7 (314.6) The Memory of Mercy must show that the saving credit established by the Sons of God has been fully and faithfully paid out in the loving ministry of the patient personalities of the Third Source and Center. But when mercy is exhausted, when the “memory” thereof testifies to its depletion, then does justice prevail and righteousness decree. For mercy is not to be thrust upon those who despise it; mercy is not a gift to be trampled under foot by the persistent rebels of time. Nevertheless, though mercy is thus precious and dearly bestowed, your individual drawing credits are always far in excess of your ability to exhaust the reserve if you are sincere of purpose and honest of heart.

28:6.7 仁慈之載必須展示,由神之眾子所設的仁慈信貸已經在來自第三本源與中心之耐心人格體們的愛心侍奉下,被全面如實地償付了。但當仁慈被耗盡,相關的“記載”證明它的枯竭時,公平將會獲勝,正義將會命定。因為仁慈不會強加到那些蔑視它的人身上;仁慈並不會成為一件被踩在時間性頑固反叛者腳下的贈品。不過,儘管仁慈是這樣被珍貴而深切地贈與,但假如你們有著真誠的意圖與誠實的心靈,你們個人可提取的信貸總是遠超你們可耗盡儲備之能力的。


28:6-8 The mercy reflectors, with their tertiary associates, engage in numerous superuniverse ministries, including the teaching of the ascending creatures. Among many other things the Significances of Origins teach these ascenders how to apply spirit ethics, and following such training, the Memories of Mercy teach them how to be truly merciful. While the spirit techniques of mercy ministry are beyond your concept, you should even now understand that mercy is a quality of growth. You should realize that there is a great reward of personal satisfaction in being first just, next fair, then patient, then kind. And then, on that foundation, if you choose and have it in your heart, you can take the next step and really show mercy; but you cannot exhibit mercy in and of itself. These steps must be traversed; otherwise there can be no genuine mercy. There may be patronage, condescension, or charity—even pity—but not mercy. True mercy comes only as the beautiful climax to these preceding adjuncts to group understanding, mutual appreciation, fraternal fellowship, spiritual communion, and divine harmony.

28:6.8 仁慈反射者與其第三類二級天使同伴們一起,從事眾多超級宇宙的侍奉工作,包括對揚升受造物們的教導。在許多其他事情中,來源之義們教導揚升者們如何應用靈性倫理,緊隨這一培訓之後,仁慈之載們便會教導他們如何才是真正仁慈。雖然仁慈侍奉之屬靈手段是超出你們的概念以外的,但即使現在你們也應明白,仁慈是一種不斷成長的品質。你們當認識到,假如能做到首先保持正直,其次保持公平,之後保持容忍,然後保持善良,那麼在個人滿足感方面便會有一種巨大的報償。而此後,在那基礎之上,如果你選擇並讓仁慈存留於心,那麼你就可以採取下一個步驟真正去展現它;但你不可能單純地展現仁慈本身。你必須要經歷前述的這些步驟,否則便不可能有真正的仁慈。或許會有施捨,有恩賜,有賑濟,乃至有憐憫,但卻沒有仁慈。真正的仁慈只會作為前述這些群體諒解、彼此感激、友善互誼、靈性交融以及神性和諧之附屬物的美好頂峰而出現。



28:6-9 3. The Import of Time. Time is the one universal endowment of all will creatures; it is the “one talent” intrusted to all intelligent beings. You all have time in which to insure your survival; and time is fatally squandered only when it is buried in neglect, when you fail so to utilize it as to make certain the survival of your soul. Failure to improve one’s time to the fullest extent possible does not impose fatal penalties; it merely retards the pilgrim of time in his journey of ascent. If survival is gained, all other losses can be retrieved.

28:6.9 3. 時間之要。時間是對所有意志受造物的一種普遍贈與;它是被交托給所有智慧存有的“一種天賦”。你們都有時間來確保你們的續存;僅當因疏忽而埋沒時間,當你們未能利用它來確保你們靈魂的續存時,時間才被致命地浪費了。未能把自己的時間利用到最為充分的程度,並不會遭受致命的懲罰;它只是延滯時間性朝聖者的揚升之旅。一旦贏得了續存,所有其他損失都可以挽回。

28:6.11 (315.4) These time evaluators are also the secret of prophecy; they portray the element of time which will be required in the completion of any undertaking, and they are just as dependable as indicators as are the frandalanks and chronoldeks of other living orders. The Gods foresee, hence foreknow; but the ascendant authorities of the universes of time must consult the Imports of Time to be able to forecast events of the future

28:6.11 這些時間的評估者們,也是預言之奧妙者;她們會描述出為完成任一事業所需的時間要素,作為時間之指示者們,她們就像其他鮮活類別的測能者(弗蘭德蘭克,frandalank)和測時者(克羅諾德,chronoldek)們一樣可靠。各神會預見,因而會預知;但時間性宇宙中的揚升性當權者們,則必須要向時間之要們諮詢,方能預知未來的事件。


28:6.12 You will first encounter these beings on the mansion worlds, and they will there instruct you in the advantageous use of that which you call “time,” both in its positive employment, work, and in its negative utilization, rest. Both uses of time are important.

28:6.12 你們會在宅廈世界首次遇到這些存有,她們會在那兒指導你們有利地運用你們稱為“時間”的那樣東西,既包括其積極運用,即勞作,也包括其消極運用,即休息。時間的兩種運用,都是極為重要的。

這是標準的時間管理課程阿,沒想到宅廈世界也有在教,不過可以現在就教我嗎,我很需要啊 。


28:6.13 4. The Solemnity of Trust. Trust is the crucial test of will creatures. Trustworthiness is the true measure of self-mastery, character. These seconaphim accomplish a double purpose in the economy of the superuniverses: They portray to all will creatures the sense of the obligation, sacredness, and solemnity of trust. At the same time they unerringly reflect to the governing authorities the exact trustworthiness of any candidate for confidence or trust.

28:6.13 4. 信任之重。信任是對所有意志受造物的關鍵性考驗。可信度是對自我掌控和品格的真正量度。這些二級天使們在各超級宇宙的體系中会實現雙重目標:她們向所有意志受造物描述信任的義務性、神聖性和莊重性。同時,她們向管理權威們準確無誤地反射出任何一位值得相信或信任之候選者的確切可信度。


28:6.14 (316.1) On Urantia, you grotesquely essay to read character and to estimate specific abilities, but on Uversa we actually do these things in perfection. These seconaphim weigh trustworthiness in the living scales of unerring character appraisal, and when they have looked at you, we have only to look at them to know the limitations of your ability to discharge responsibility, execute trust, and fulfill missions. Your assets of trustworthiness are clearly set forth alongside your liabilities of possible default or betrayal.

28:6.14 在玉苒廈上,你們會以極為怪異的方式嘗試去解讀品格,以及去評估某些特定能力,但在尤沃薩,我們卻會以完美的方式去做這些事情。這些天使會以一種準確無誤的鮮活品格評價尺度來衡量可信度,而當她們對你們察看過後,我們只需再察看她們,便能知曉你們去履行職責、執行信託和完成使命的能力限度。你們的可信度資產,與你們可能有的失職與背信的“負債”一起,都會清晰地列出。



28:6.15 It is the plan of your superiors to advance you by augmented trusts just as fast as your character is sufficiently developed to gracefully bear these added responsibilities, but to overload the individual only courts disaster and insures disappointment. And the mistake of placing responsibility prematurely upon either man or angel may be avoided by utilizing the ministry of these infallible estimators of the trust capacity of the individuals of time and space. These seconaphim ever accompany Those High in Authority, and never do these executives make assignments until their candidates have been weighed in the secoraphic balances and pronounced “not wanting.”

28:6.15 你們上級的計畫是通過增加的信任來提升你們,只要你們的品格能迅速發展到足以優雅地承擔這些附加的責任,但令個體負擔過重只會招致災難且引發失望。將責任過早地置於人或天使身上所導致的失誤,可通過利用這些無誤評估者對於時空性個體之信任能力的照看而得以避免。這些二級天使永遠會伴隨著極高權威者們,直到他們的候選者們在這些二級天使衡量後被宣佈“沒有缺失”時,這些執行者們才會做出委派。




28:6.16 (316.3) 5. The Sanctity of Service. The privilege of service immediately follows the discovery of trustworthiness. Nothing can stand between you and opportunity for increased service except your own untrustworthiness, your lack of capacity for appreciation of the solemnity of trust.

28:6.16 5. 服務之聖。服務之特權會即時地伴隨著對可信度的發現而產生。除了你自身的不可信度、即你對於莊重信任之欣賞能力的欠缺以外,再沒有任何東西能夠阻斷你多做服務的機會。


28:6-17 Service—purposeful service, not slavery—is productive of the highest satisfaction and is expressive of the divinest dignity. Service—more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service—is the goal of time and the destination of space. But ever will the play cycles of time alternate with the service cycles of progress. And after the service of time there follows the superservice of eternity. During the play of time you should envision the work of eternity, even as you will, during the service of eternity, reminisce the play of time.

28:6.17 服務--有意圖性的服務,而不是奴役性的服務,會產生最高的滿足,並表達出最神聖的尊嚴。服務--更多的服務,增加的服務,艱難的服務和富有冒險性的服務,以及最終神聖完美的服務,是時間之目標與空間之目的。然而,時間性消遣週期總是與進步性服務週期交替發生的。在時間性服務之後,永恆性超級服務會接踵而至。在時間性消遣當中,你們應當展望永恆性工作,即使在你們的永恆性服務期間,你們也會追憶那時間性消遣


“有意圖性的服務,而不是奴役性的服務,會產生最高的滿足,並表達出最神聖的尊嚴。” 我以一生的經歷來體認這句話。這二十多年來,正是透過文字工作的服務而感受到的神聖性與莊嚴感,使我對陶淵明那句:“悟以往之不諫,知來者之可追”有著真正的領悟與共嗚。

“時間性消遣週期總是與進步性服務週期交替發生。” 這點我也頗有領悟,消遣與休閒如果沒有透過與服務的進展交替進行,那種空洞的感覺是令人低落沮喪的。

“在時間性服務之後,永恆性超級服務會接踵而至。” 這離我尚遠,但我相信其境界的喜悅與美好將更勝於在時空中的服務。

28:6-19 The real nature of any service, be it rendered by man or angel, is fully revealed in the faces of these secoraphic service indicators, the Sanctities of Service. The full analysis of the true and of the hidden motives is clearly shown. These angels are indeed the mind readers, heart searchers, and soul revealers of the universe. Mortals may employ words to conceal their thoughts, but these high seconaphim lay bare the deep motives of the human heart and of the angelic mind.

28:6.19 任何服務,無論是由人類或是天使所提供,其真實本質都完全展示在這些二級天使類的服務指示者、即服務之聖們面前。她們對這些服務之真實與隱蔽動機所進行的全面分析,會得以清晰地展示。這些天使確實是宇宙中的心智解讀者,心靈細察者,以及靈魂揭示者。凡人們或可用言詞來隱藏他們的意圖,但是這些高等二級天使們卻會暴露出人類心靈和天使心智中的深層動機。



28:6-20 6 and 7. The Secret of Greatness and the Soul of Goodness. The ascending pilgrims having awakened to the import of time, the way is prepared for the realization of the solemnity of trust and for the appreciation of the sanctity of service. While these are the moral elements of greatness, there are also secrets of greatness. When the spiritual tests of greatness are applied, the moral elements are not disregarded, but the quality of unselfishness revealed in disinterested labor for the welfare of one’s earthly fellows, particularly worthy beings in need and in distress, that is the real measure of planetary greatness. And the manifestation of greatness on a world like Urantia is the exhibition of self-control. The great man is not he who “takes a city” or “overthrows a nation,” but rather “he who subdues his own tongue.”

28:6.20 6和7. 高尚之妙和良善之魂。揚升的朝聖者們,一旦領悟到時間的重要性之後,道路就會被準備好,以用於對信任之莊重性的認知以及對服務之神聖性的欣賞。這些都是高尚性所具的道德性要素,而與此同時,高尚性還具有眾多奧妙。當採用高尚性的靈性考驗時,固然不能忽視其道德性要素,但在一個人為其世間夥伴、尤其是那些真正亟需救助之人的福祉所做的無私勞動中所體現的慷慨品質,正是世間高尚性的真正量度。在像玉苒廈(Urantia)這樣一類世界上的高尚性之表現,則是一種自我涵養的表現。高尚之人,不是那種“攻城掠地”或是“改朝換代”之人,而是“能管好自己舌頭”之人。



28:6-22 The estimate of greatness varies from sphere to sphere. To be great is to be Godlike. And since the quality of greatness is wholly determined by the content of goodness, it follows that, even in your present human estate, if you can through grace become good, you are thereby becoming great. The more steadfastly you behold, and the more persistently you pursue, the concepts of divine goodness, the more certainly will you grow in greatness, in true magnitude of genuine survival character.

28:6.22 對於高尚性的評價,隨著不同界域而有所不同。高尚就是變得如同神一般。而由於高尚性之品格又完全依賴於良善性之內涵,由此可見,即便是在你們現在的人類狀態中,如果你們能通過寬容而變得良善,你們便會因此而變得高尚。你們對於神性良善之觀念秉持的愈是堅定,追求的愈是持久,你們在高尚性方面、即在真正續存品格之真實度方面的成長便愈是確定無疑。


28:7-2 Of the three orders of seconaphim, the tertiary group, attached to the ascendant authorities, minister most extensively to the ascending creatures of time. You will on occasion meet them soon after your departure from Urantia, though you will not freely make use of their services until you reach the tarrying worlds of Orvonton. You will enjoy their companionship when you become fully acquainted with them during your sojourn on the Uversa school worlds.

28:7.2 在三個類別的二級天使中,隸屬於揚升性當權者們的第三類群體,最為廣泛地侍奉時間性揚升受造物。在你們離開玉苒廈世界之後不久,偶爾會遇到她們,儘管直到你抵達奧溫頓的等候世界時,你才能自由地運用她們的服務。在你們旅居尤沃薩的教育世界期間與她們充分相識之時,你們將會享受到她們的陪伴。




28:7-5 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger of Uversa.]
28:7-5 [ 由尤沃薩的一位强大使者所供稿。]












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